Newgrounds Music Triathlon

Submitting Procedure

  • Ready to submit to the contest? Well, here are a few guidelines.
  • You don’t need to enter in all the phases- you can come and go as you wish!
  • There is no limit to what style or genre you can use, or even the number of pieces you can submit!
  • You obviously need to comply with the challenge of the round. SkyeWint will be the final arbiter of which pieces are disqualified or not (though only one piece has ever been disqualified so far. Sorry johnfn, we love you <3).
  • You will have two weeks unless specified otherwise to compose, produce, and submit your work.
  • When you’re ready to submit, upload your final work to a file sharing site/system such as Dropbox, Mediafire, puush,, the Newgrounds dumping grounds, or any other file sharing website.



Once you have that all down pat, send a private message  on Newgrounds with a link to your file wherever you uploaded it to either Skyewintrest, Camoshark, Stunkel, or Samulis, your hosts for the 2013 NGMT. They'll take care of the rest! Thanks for participating, and remember to vote once the time comes!


Voting Procedure

In case you were wondering, here's the quick laydown on how voting works. If you need more details, check the FAQ.

  • You may not vote for your own piece(s).
  • You may vote for up to 3 pieces, and must specify the order they come in. (first, second, third)
  • You MAY change your votes, but please try to vote for the right pieces the first time! (It makes it easier to tabulate)
  • Refrain from saying who made what piece, whether true or false. If you do, then your piece and theirs will have to be disqualified. :( Basically don't try to ruin the contest please.
  • You may not vote unless you submitted a piece during the round.



  • While it is not necessary, it's best if you send your vote in a PM to SkyeWint rather than putting it in the thread.
  • You are highly encouraged to leave some feedback on all the music (or at least some of it) since you're likely to receive feedback from others. This was done in huge amounts back in 2013, and made the contest an incredibly positive for most musicians.
  • Remember, make your vote CLEAR. Whether you state "This piece is #1" or "3: Piece D", it must clearly note both which pieces you are voting for and what place they are in.



-The 2013 NGMT Staff

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