Newgrounds Music Triathlon

Here are the current hosts for this year's contest. Hosts will run the threads, check questionable entries, and provide feedback to placing and the lowest non-placing pieces. Generally hosts come from a variety of backgrounds in order to ensure there is a good balance throughout the genres.


SkyeWintrest, Main Host

Skye is a composer and sound designer who has a strong background in ambient and semi-ambient music. Aside from being skilled at the art of mastering, he has a very good sense of sounds and their place in a work as a sound designer.


Sam H├ębert (Camoshark), Host

As a predominantly Jazz composer, the first of the Sams hosting the contest has a very extensive knowledge of theory, styles, and everything in between. He is both innovative and experienced and can offer much advice on any piece.


Ryan Stunkel (Stunkel), Host

A mostly orchestral composer, Ryan Stunkel offers his knowledge and good ears to the hosts. He has a strong background in popular/cinematic and video game music. In addition, he is a skilled pianist and orchestrator.


Samulis Augustus (Samulis), Host

Samulis is a young orchestral composer. His focus on traditional methods, tonality, borderline fanatic obsession with weird and archaic instruments, and the application of traditional theory to music creation provide a basis for solid critique of orchestration, composition, and the actual meat of the works entered.


Scott Rogers (Scottr5680), Guest Artist

Scott is a talented digital artist who does everything from illustration to 3D art, photography, and more. He agreed to create the fantastic inspiration art for the contest which you can see on the Home page and as the art around the site as backgrounds.


Also, we would like to offer special thanks to the following people:

Deadlyfishes (Matt), Provided much of the prize money! Matt is a skilled video game and film composer, as well as a performer. He recently graduated from Berklee College of Music.

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