Newgrounds Music Triathlon


Okay, so what do I actually have to do to enter?

Well, first thing you need to know - there are THREE phases to this contest. Each phase will have a different challenge for you to overcome as well as a theme for you to focus on. These themes are styled around video games or films, but don't just give up thinking you can't make game music! This doesn't actually limit you (it may help you even)! There are many different ways to approach one area, and unless the mood is specified you can take any approach you want. Remember, many video game and film pieces have lyrics and singing, so that's no barrier. We've worked hard to make sure that there won't be any challenge which favors a particular genre.


When is the deadline?

The deadline for each phase will be 2 weeks unless specified otherwise.


Do I need to participate in every round?

If you really don't feel like entering a phase or really feel like you can't do it... don't! You can drop out or join in ANY of the three phases as you please. However, if you do enter all three it'll increase your chances of winning the whole shebang and not just one phase... but you'll learn a bit more about that later.


How does voting work?

Well, here's one of the coolest parts about this contest. Everyone gets to help judge!

Now, you may be wondering how this works, and I'll explain it. This is the only semi-complicated part of the contest.

In order to submit, do NOT upload your piece(s) to Newgrounds and make it public. Instead, you must put it on Dropbox, Mediafire, puush,, the Newgrounds dump, or any other filesharing website and send it via PM to SkyeWint. We will then upload all the pieces to this website, where they are all anonymous and merely titled "Track 1", "Track 2", "Track 3", etc.

The reason for this is that once all are uploaded, they will be put into a list on the voting thread. Every person who submitted a piece will be allowed to place three votes on the pieces - first, second, and third. First place is 3 points, second place is 2 points, and third place is 1 point in the final scores. We don't want to leave people without any say in who wins - this is a community, and everyone should have an input. That said, we don't want to have a whole bunch of people with no musical experience voting either - therefore, only the people who have submitted a piece are allowed to vote. You also cannot vote for yourself (if you do, you will be disqualified). Voting will take place over the course of 3 days.


What are the prizes and who wins?

This is the prizes schema for 2015-

There will be up to 6 winners: One for each phase and three for the entire contest.

The person who gets the most votes in a given phase will win that phase and get a prize. The three people with the largest sum amount of votes overall will win the entire contest. Yes, it is possible to win all three rounds and first place, but the prize for first place will be reduced somewhat because it would be somewhat unreasonable otherwise.

Victory in a phase: A speshul signature, free mixing/mastering assistance from SkyeWint on your next non-contest piece, and frontpage for your victorious piece.

1st place overall: A super-speshul signature, frontpaging a piece of your choice, free mixing/mastering assistance from SkyeWint, and an awesome something from Samulis!

2nd place overall: A marginally less speshul signature, frontpaging a piece of your choice, free mixing/mastering assistance from SkyeWint, and a sweet something from Samulis.

3rd place overall: A somewhat-cool signature, frontpaging a piece of your choice, free mixing/mastering assistance from SkyeWint, and a still-cool something from Samulis.



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