Newgrounds Music Triathlon

The 2013 NGMT has ended. Bummer! However, feel free to check out the specifics of each challenge... Click the buttons on the dropdown menu under "2013 above to go to the challenge pages to see results and information on entries!


Winners of the 2013 Newgrounds Music Triathlon are...

1st Place: PeterSatera with 8 total votes

2nd Place: ZipZipper with 5 total votes

3rd Place: bassfiddlejones with 4 total votes

Runner Up: Stecho (step & echo) with 4 total votes (BFJ got priority for participating all rounds)


We hope to see you all again for the next NGMT!



In case you wanted to know, these were the challenges:

PHASE 1: Simple. (May 16th - May30th) This "simply" means that you can only use FOUR instruments maximum (don't worry, an basic drumset - kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbals, toms - counts as a single instrument). Simple is beautiful.

Fun fact - the original number was 3, but it was changed to 4 so that people could have a lead instrument, chordal instrument, bass, and drums. This may be changed to 3 in the future though, so be ready!


PHASE 2: Timed.(June 3rd - June 6th) In the real world, there are deadlines. This can mean that you have to make music RIGHT NOW. This challenge will reduce the time you have to create a piece to only 3 days!

Fun fact - this challenge was the hardest to come up with. There are currently two other possibilities which may be used in the future, but they're a bit more complicated and would need an "ok" from the community first. We'll ask at the conclusion of this contest. :)


PHASE 3: Inspired! (June 10th - June 24th) What are you inspired to make? There is no actual limit on this phase aside from the normal deadline. Make whatever you want... as long as it sticks to the theme, of course.

Fun fact - this "challenge" will always be the phase 3 of the contest, regardless of the other two phases. See, I can be nice sometimes!

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